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The first 100% sustainable
Self-sufficient ship.
Lynch Motor's were at the heart of developing
a completely sustainable motor for the
ship. Almost all boats in the Emirates Team
are powered by a Lynch Motor.
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The Gloriana
Powered by Lynch Motor
and their 48V Pancake Motor.
Lynch Motor's were commissioned to develop
two 48V Pancake motors to power the
Queen's Jubilee Royal Rowbarge, Gloriana
which carried more than 20,000 people.
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100% Electric Kart Experience
Powered by LMC 65V Pancake Motor
The powerful, ergonomic, safe and environmentally
friendly RTX was fully designed using ENGEC
electric technology, opening new horizons for
the world of karting.
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Lynch Motor Company Ltd
Electric Motor Specialists
Lynch Motor Company is widely regarded as an innovator and leader in the design and manufacturing
of very efficient and reliable electric motors for the marine and other industries.
Electric Boat Motors Devon
Electric Motor Specialists
Working together to develop the world renowned Lynch Motor back in 1990, Cedric Lynch and Trevor are widely regarded as industry leaders.
Lynch Motor History
Electric Motor Specialists Devon
The Pancake Motor
We have developed a series of basic motor frame sizes including LEM-2X2, LEM-200, LEM-170 and LEM-130.
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Electric Boat Motors Devon
Renowned Projects
Working with prestigious companies and individuals throughout the UK and beyond, here are just a few featured projects.
Featured Projects
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