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The Lynch Ford Fiesta
Based on the revolutionary new Lynch disc armature electric motor which combines high power and efficiency with ultra-low weight, the Lynch electric Fiesta is ideally suited to urban driving with frequent stopping and starting in heavy traffic. Development over the past three years has doubled available power without appreciably reducing the range. The neat drive installation is easily accessible and weight distribution is virtually unchanged from the original vehicle. Available as 3- or 5-door hatchback, or van.
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A powerful, fuel-efficient diesel oil heater is available which can be pre-programmed to warm the vehicle before use. The latest design of E-Meter gives an accurate measure of available battery capacity and range.
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Ideal for urban delivery

The Fiesta van is at its best in heavy traffic. During the '12 Hours of Oxford' monitored trials, the electric Fiesta travelled for 6 hours at traffic speed without recharging. Also available are car-van and box-van bodies. The extreme efficiency of the drive system enables standard lead-acid batteries to be used, thus reducing running costs.
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  "The revolutionary new Lynch disc armature electric motor combines high power and efficiency with
ultra-low weight."

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