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Electric Boat Motors Devon
UK and International Calls +44 1404 892940
Or, email us  info@lynchmotors.co.uk
Electric Yacht Motors
Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Motors for Boats Robotic
Electric Yacht Motors Industrial
Electric Motors for Boats Hybrid
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Boat Motors Special Effects
Electric Motors for Boats
Strong, robust
and reliable electric motors suited to a multitude of applications.
electric motors
for over 30
Electric Boat Motors
'Trevor Lees, director of Lynch Motors'
In order to develop and produce motors in quantity to the high standards we achieved, each individual component had to be fully investigated, tested and put to extremes to ensure that they would not only do what was expected, but would also surpass their requirements.

Once we had the development of the motor finalised we began taking the motor to events and organisations around the globe to increase awareness and build business. We found that in general, very few organisations believed that the Lynch motor could perform at the level that we claimed. Our product was far ahead of the other motors on the market at that time and so we looked to develop applications to demonstrate the motors capabilities.

Electric Boat Motors
    "At Lynch Motors, we are committed to ongoing development and improvements, while always paying meticulous attention to detail and producing a motor that offers up consistent performance and reliability"
Electric Robotic Motors Over 30 years development
Electric Boat Motors Working with customers globally
Electric Boat Motors Bespoke, individual solutions
Electric Motors for Boats Always looking for a challenge
At Lynch Motors, we are always looking to get involved in new and upcoming projects. From bomb disposal and drones to heavy lifting and military- Lynch Motors really can find a solution for your project.
Electric Motors for Boats Designed in the UK, used on a global scale
Electric Motors for Boats
Over 30 Years Research
The Lynch Motor benefits from over 30
years of research and development, offering
a high quality, efficient product.
Electric Boat Motors
Small, Powerful and Reliable
The Lynch Motor is a tiny yet powerful
and reliable electric motor which can be
manipulated for a range projects.
Electric Motors for Boats
Incredible Commercial Capabilities
Ideal for a variety of applications
from unmanned security and heavy lifting
through to military and drones.
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Motors for Boats Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Motors for Boats Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Motors for Boats Electric Motors for Boats
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