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The Ford Fiesta Lynch Electric Drive Conversion < The Project | Specification >
Dimensions Exterior (mm) 3-Door 5-Door
  Overall length 3744 3744
  Overall width without mirrors 1606 1606
  Overall width with mirrors 1854 1854
  Unladen height 1326 1326
  Wheelbase 2446 2446

Drive System Type of motor DC Permanent magnet, double disc armature
  Continuous power 21KW
  Peak power 30KW
  Continuous torque 55Nm at 4000rpm
  Max torque 69Nm at 4000rpm
  Max speed of motor 4000rpm
  Mass of motor 22kg

Transmission Standard 5 speed gearbox Top gear 0.71 : 1
Final drive ration 4.18 : 1

Controller PWM Type 500A peak on 60 Volts. 
Seperate motor current limits and optional battery current limit with integrated control module of 4QD-Gibbs design.

Batteries Type Heavy duty lead acid
  Number 5x12 Volt monoblocs
  Nominal voltage 60V
  Total mass 240kg
  Capacity 6KWh @ 5hr rate
  Location Equally distributed front and rear

Instrumentation E-Meter battery state 
of charge indicator
Estimated remaining range in miles
  Moving-coil meters Battery current & Volts; motor current

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