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Lynch Atlantis Mini petrol to electric engine conversion
The Lynch Atlantis
The Lynch motor drives through the original gearbox in the engine sump which is retained, while the cylinder block is removed. Four of the eight batteries are then placed in the space above the gearbox. The remaining four batteries are situated in the lower part of the boot.
Reinventing a classic
The classic BMC Mini is available as a recycled car, fully refurbished, from Atlantis Motor Co. of Coalville, Leicester, with a Lynch electric drive.
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Chassis: Basic vehicle manufactured by BMC or Rover.
Weight: Excluding batteries: 550Kg
Battery Weight: 240Kg
Total Weight: 790Kg
Motor: Lynch type LM200 7.5R, 8.5Kw on 48V
Transmission: Motor mounted on gearbox, front-wheel drive through differential
Batteries: 8 off 6V. 225 AH @ C5. Wt - 30Kg each.
Lighting: 12VDC-DC converter from traction batteries.
Controller: PWM, 48V, 350A peak.
Max. Speed: 60 mph
Max. Gradient: 1 : 4
Range: 50 miles
Electric Vehicle Motors
  "Lynch Motor Company, widely regarded as an innovator and leader in the design and manufacturing of very efficient, reliable electric motors."

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