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The Lynch Heron petrol to electric engine conversion
The Lynch Heron
The Lynch Heron is an electric car with Lynch drive units. Originally Heron Cars were racing cars, sports and kit cars manufactured in New Zealand between 1962 and 1999. However Lynch Motors helped to develop the one off electric car.
One Off Design
Chassis: Twin skin fibreglass with foam filling
Weight: 650Kg including batteries
Motors: 2 Lynch Type LM200, 8.5Kw on 48 volts
Electric Car Motor Company

Transmission: 2 independent Heron drive legs with motor, integral gear reduction in oil bath and brake drum. Each unit provides swinging arm suspension with pivot and spring damper.
Batteries: 4 C. 160Ah, 48Kg.
Lighting: 12V auxiliary circuit - with DC-DC converter.
Controller: PWM Type, 16 KHz, 48V, 350A peak, potentiometer control.
Max. Speed: 50mph.
Range: 45 miles.
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  "Lynch Motor Company, widely regarded as an innovator and leader in the design and manufacturing of very efficient, reliable electric motors."
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