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Controller PWM Type 375A peak on Volts (or 600A on 60V) Seperate motor and battery current limits. Vibration-resistant integrated control module of 4QD-Gibbs design.

Batteries Type Gates type, Glass matt, sealed lead acid.
  Number 10 or 15 12 volt monoblocs
  Nominal voltage 60/120
  Total mass 200kg or 300kg

Transmission Standard 5 speed gearbox Top gear 0.71 : 1
Final drive ration 4.18 : 1

State of Charge Indicate Battery state of charge (depth of discharge %) Estimated remaining range in miles

Kerb Weight 940kg 540 front, 400 rear
  GVW 1390kg
  Capacity 450kg
  Tyre rolling resitance 0.7%
  Brakes Electric vacuum servo
  Auxiliary circuit DC-DC converter and existing 12 volt system

Max. Range Urban traffic - London, Oxford 90km

Performance Max speed - urban traffic 85km/h
  Acceleration, 0-50 km/h 6 secs

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  "The revolutionary new Lynch disc armature electric motor combines high power and efficiency with
ultra-low weight."

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