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Lynch Electric Go-Kart petrol to electric engine conversion
Lynch Electric Go-Kart
The electric kart, as manufactured in Switzerland, uses a unique pancake shaped motor produced by the Lynch Motor Company. The attractive kart is available in three standard configurations: Sport, Competition and Rental. The rental version is an 8.5kW (10HP) model capable of 50mph and 40 to 70 minutes between charges. At the other end of the scale, the Sport has 12 kW (16HP) of power but can only run for 20 to 35 minutes before it needs a boost.
Silent Racing
Starting the karts is a case of simply pulling a knob - no push starting or recoilstarters required here, and no obvious sign or noise that you are ready to go!
Electric Go Kart Motor
Positives and Negatives

All the torque is available from the word go and more than one jaw dropped as the karts flew round the Daytona indoor circuit at a speed that would embarrass most indoor karts. Whilst the 4 strokes bog down coming out of the corners, the electric karts exit them like a sling-shot and all the time all you can hear is a bit of a whine and the tyres squealing. They are impressive.

There are downsides though, price being one. The Swiss outfits start at £3,500 which is considerably more expensive than a Pro-Kart, but running costs should be lower. If an indoor centre chose to go electric, it would have to be strict about charging up one set of karts whilst the others are racing, otherwise it could be left with a lot of flat batteries, and charging up takes longer than splashing in some petrol. Enduro events would probably mean each team having two karts, one to race and one on charge. But none of these problems are insurmountable, and you get quiet, emission-free-karting for your troubles.

Electric Go Kart Motors
  "Lynch Motor Company, widely regarded as an innovator and leader in the design and manufacturing of very efficient, reliable electric motors."

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