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Lynch Pacer Scout petrol to electric engine conversion
The Most Powerful Electric Buggy In The World
Powered by the outstanding Lynch Electric Motor, the SCOUT has an amazing performance and just surges forward effortlessly and quietly. A real magic carpet ride.
Perfect for a Driver
For the driver, SCOUT offers instant response in terms of steering, acceleration and braking. It handles just like a small racing car and with its padded adjustable seat, full racing harness and wrist restraints on the steering wheel, it imparts a feeling of complete security and makes it as suitable for an 8 year old as for an 18 year old.
Electric Go Kart Motors

Electric Go Kart Motors
An Operators Dream

For the operator, SCOUT provides reliable and virtually maintenance-free service. Built from the very best quality materials throughout, SCOUT has been designed at the outset to handle the rigours of commercial use.

Travelling Effortlessly and Quietly

Safety comes first of course and like all Pacers, SCOUT features a tough steel space frame chassis incorporating front and rear roll bars. The bumper system is comprehensive and mounted on tough moulded rubber suspension units.

The Lynch motor has ample power to propel the SCOUT over a variety of surfaces such as grass, tarmac or shingle, taking slopes and undulations easily in its stride. Whatever the condition, the powerful regenerative braking brings SCOUT to a stop smoothly and quickly. Battery changing is achieved in just a few seconds, thanks to SCOUT's access system incorporating automatic terminal connection.

Electric Go Kart Motors
  "Environmentally friendly, it is the ideal machine for Theme Parks, Amusement and Leisure Centres, in fact any location where people enjoy driving for fun.."

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