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The Lynch Solar Powered Boat
The SB Collinda
The S B Collinda, sponsored by Scott Bader and Collinda Ltd, has been built to illustrate the environmental benefits and feasibility of solar powered boats. The hull is a Rapide 600 produced by Modular Mouldings of Gweek, Cornwall, UK, who are the designers of the Firebird catamarans, the world's fastest sailing boats.
Solar Conversion
Modular Mouldings have added a canopy to hold 20 x 70 Watt Solarex Solar Panels supplied by the Intersolar Group and a battery compartment for 4 x 78 Amp hr CMP batteries.
Electri Marine Motors

Electric Marine Motors
Highly Efficient
Power is supplied by a Lynch outboard motor capable of running at 4 KW. The highly efficient Lynch pancake motor drives a large 15 x 13 propeller and can operate either by solar or battery power or a combination of both.
Mobile Power Station

At full sunshine the boat travels at the maximum permitted River Thames speed of 8 kpm with power to spare and in thin cloud at 6 kph. Length is 20ft with a beam of 8 ft and 10 people can be carried. A break back trailer allows the boat to be taken out of the water at the river bank without the use of a slipway. On the trailer the boat becomes a mobile power station with the panels producing up to 1.4 KW and the batteries storing up to 156 Amp hrs at 24 Volts, or through a ProWatt 1500 Inverter, AC current at 240 Volts.
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