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The World Waterspeed Record
Fiona, Countess of Arran, has set the new world record for an electric powerboat with an average speed of 50.825mph. The triumph was recorded at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham, last Wednesday after trial runs on the Welsh Harp reservoir in West Hendon. But the success means more than just an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. As project co-ordinator Kevin Desmond explains: "The boat is revolutionary. It has an electric motor which is quiet and does not pollute the water. That's why we were given special permission to hold our trial runs on the nature reserve area of the Welsh Harp." This new speed, which breaks the unofficial 1978 American record of 45.78mph, restores faith in the battery powered boat as an alternative form of propulsion.
A Record Breaker
The record is timely. A parliamentary select committee on the environment is currently calling for the introduction of electric boats to cut down pollution and noise on Britain's inland waterways. In the past the most common criticism levelled at the electric motor was lack of speed.
Electric Boat Motor
A Significant Milestone
As chairman of the electric boat association and an expert on powerboat racing, Mr Desmond regards the new record as a psychological breakthrough. The 50.825mph, he said, was a significant milestone to encourage thedevelopment and expansion of electric boats. The motors are quiet, polltuion free and very economical. Given these factors, it should be on course for success. Mr Desmond, of Olive Road, Cricklewood, said: "I never dreamt we would end up on our trial run at the lake near my home. It seems fitting really. The Welsh Harp has been the site of incredible innovations in the past. "In 1928 the Welsh Harp saw the beginning of conventional outboard hydroplane racing and the first amphibious tank was tested there in 1931.
Electric Boat Motors

  "This world record is a significant psychological breakthrough to encourage the development and expansion of electric boats."

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