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Extremely Satisfied Customers
The new Öeco-Sachs / Lynch outboard is the result of ten years of development and testing of marine drives in narrow boats, launches, dinghies and sailing boats and we are able to put enquirers in touch with satisfied customers who are pleased to discuss their experiences
Technical Data

EMF: 24 Volts (other voltages possible)
Power: 2.5KW (on 24 volts)
Peak Current: 120 Amps
Thrust: up to 52Kg depending on propeller
Motor: Original Lynch permanent-magnet disc-armature motor
(max 8.5 KW on 48 volts)
Motor Speed: 1550 RPM on 24 volts
Controller: Electronic, type PWM, infinitely variable.
Remote control if required.
Propellor: Composite plastic. Blades individually replacable.
Shaft: Standard long shaft 544mm (short shaft 434mm)
Weight: 26kg

Electric Marine Motors
  "The Öeco-Sachs/Lynch outboard is the first full power electric boat drive to enter volume production on the world market."
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