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When did you work with Lynch Motors?

I was introduced to Lynch Motors by a friend from the Battery Vehicle Society (BVS) – (Thank you, Dennis). He had installed a Lynch Motor into his electric car conversion and convinced me it was an ideal motor to replace my old fork-lift-truck motor, which weighed in at some 45Kgs. So in the middle of 2015 I placed an order for a LEM 2x2 - D127.

It may help to describe my car which is based upon a 'Pembleton' tubular frame; then using parts from a Citroen 2CV and Fork-lift Truck – along with any other bits I could find. It was built over a period of three years in my garage. The frame is mounted on the front and rear suspension from a donor Citroen 2CV. The body is cut out from aluminium sheets and riveted to the frame. I used an electric motor and other parts from a fork-lift truck to power the car. The rest comes from local skips and odds and ends from friends and neighbours. In doing so I have recycled as much as possible. Initial advice came from the 'Pembleton Forum' and the 'Citroen Specials Club Forum'. As the build progressed, the BVS came to the fore.
Electric Motor Manufacturer
Why did you choose to work with Lynch Motors?
My car had been on the road for some four years – using lead acid batteries powering the fork-lift truck motor. However, I was looking to increase the "Smiles per Mile" factor and to be able to enjoy the fun of driving up-to Central London and back again on one charge. Armed with lots of questions and pictures of my car I went to see Trevor Lees at his company premises. Trevor, very kindly took the time to show me how the Lynch Motors were made and his other associated projects.

I was looking to reduce the 45Kgs weight of the fork-lift motor – which the LEM 2x2 did and more – being over 50% lighter, yet giving greater performance and improved energy saving. The LEM gave me 50 mph plus, which is fine for driving around London. It also greatly extended the range to give me the distance needed for Central London driving – (without the London Congestion Charge!) After seeing and listening to my requirements, Trevor recommended the dual set-up of the LEM 2x2 – D127.

The benefit of having the Lynch Motor Company (LMC) not too far away, is Trevor is well placed to sort out any problems or 'challenges' that may arise – at times with a personal visit. One of these 'challenges' was my decision to dispose of the clutch and flywheel assembly and connect the LEM motor directly to the gear box by way of a Fenner Coupling. An issue arose in which Trevor's advice and experience was appreciated.


What did Lynch Motors do for you?

I recognised my old controller was 'passed it' – so took further advice from LMC (Trevor) and purchased a programmable controller from him. This also led me to replacing the old lead acid batteries for Lithium. The combination of the Lynch LEM 2x2 D127 and lithium batteries in the Spring of 2016 has been outstanding. The car is better than I thought possible. The LEM set-up gives me an improved power to weight ratio and the ability to match the performance of modern motoring around town.
Electric Motor Manufacturer
What effect has Lynch Motors work had on your business?
This is a private project, not involving any company. Being a DIY amateur with no engineering or mechanical training – advice from people like the LMC came in handy.
Would you recommend Lynch Motors? If so why?
I have already recommended the Lynch Motor Company to individuals asking about my car and will continue to do so. The initial contact, through to the ordering and hand building the motor – was very reassuring.
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