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Lynch Bajaj petrol to electric engine conversion
Lynch Bajaj Autorikshaw
3-wheel light taxi/people mover, van or pick-up truck. for use in city centres, leisure parks, seaside resorts, airports, industrial estates, etc. Service vehicle for industry and local authorities. Delivery van.
Chassis: Basic vehicle before conversion manufactured by Bajaj Auto Ltd, Pune, India.
Electric Vehicle Motor

Weight: Excluding batteries 250Kg
Battery Weight: 192Kg
Total Weight: 442Kg
Motors: 2 Lynch type LM200, 8.5Kw max continuous power on 48V.
Transmission: 2 Motors driving rear wheels independently.
Batteries: 4 off 12V, 165 AH @ C20, weight 48Kg each, total 192Kg
Lighting: 12VDC-DC converter from traction batteries.
Controller: PWM type, 48V, 350A peak. Potentiometer twist-grip control.
Max. Speed: Governed to 30mph to meet Moped regulation in UK- can be governed to other speeds for other countries to suit customer requirements.
Electric Vehicle Motors
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