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Our Time line of Achievements
  • 1989
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1992
  • 1993
  • 1994
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998
1989 - Marine Achievement
The Lynch Motor broke the World Waterspeed Record with an Electric Hydroplane driven by the Countess of Arran.
The Lynch Motor was (and still is) light, powerful and efficient. With power efficiencies of 90% the Lynch Motor was able to repeatedly win power endurance records for electric powered cars and bikes until eventually the event coordinators banned us from their events.
The Record Breaking Electric Hydroplane

Entering the marine world, Lynch Motors fitted four tiny electric motors to an electric hydroplane which was driven by Fiona, the Countess of Arran and together they set a new world electric boat record of 51mph.

Electric Boats
1990 - Marine and Mechanical Achievements
During the 1990's here at Lynch Motors we carried out successful trials of the Lynch Motor in French Erad and Simpa Voiturettes (microcars).
Alongside these achievements, we designed motors for a number of solar powered boats which operated on the Thames and at Telford, Shropshire.
Electric Vehicles  
1991 - Marine and Mechanical Achievements
The first Lynch Motor powered electric boat to drive in public service; cruise launch on lake at Castle Howard, Yorkshire.
The Lynch Motor powered a cruise ship on the lake at Castle Howard, Yorkshire which carried 12 passengers.
Lynch Electric Motorcycles

Lynch electric motorcycles come 1st and 3rd in
class, French Grand Prix Electrique, Colmar.

Lynch electric outboards give highest performance
in comparative tests by 'Motorboats Monthly.

Hybrid Boats
1992 - Motoring Achievements
Lynch Electrobike travels 205 km on single charge, from London to Electrotech exhibition, Birmingham.
Electric Bike Motors  
1993 - Achievements
Lynch Electrobike travels 205 km on single charge, from London to Electrotech exhibition, Birmingham.

Vehicles completed for demonstration at Move Electric exhibition: German mofa (Jawa moped); Lynch electric buggy - purpose built 4-wheel vehicle, range over 60 miles, top speed over 60 mph.

First electric sail drive auxiliary for 4-berth yacht for
Camelot Craft, Norfolk Broads, UK. Up to 16 hrs running time on weekly hire.

Thames police launch modified for National Rivers
Authority to run 6 hour shift on Lynch Motor.

First diesel-electric hybrid drive given successful trials on 60 ft narrow-boat.


Electric Motors Devon
1994 - Achievements
From electric day boats and electric cars to 3 wheeler conversions and the first electric go-kart.
Eight electric day boats sold to French customer - Redon, near Nantes.

Ford Fiesta car converted to electric drive with two
Lynch motors driving front wheels independently -
successful trials with several local authorities, British Airways, Metropolitan Police.

Lynch conversion of Reliant 3-wheeler - starts on 1:4
gradient with full load.

First electric go-karts with Lynch motors successfully tested in Switzerland.

Schiller (German) scooter with Lynch motor 1st in class and 1st with fuel economy, Tour de Sol rally, USA.

Honda City Express electric moped completed for Pizza Hut, UK.


Devon Electric Motors
1995 - Achievements

Lynch Ford Fiesta exhibited at Geneva Motor Show - also in Germany, Austria and France.

32 ft patrol boat fitted with Lynch diesel-electric drive supplied to Broads Authority, Norfolk Broads, UK.

British Telecom Fiesta Van converted with gearbox and single motor.

4-wheel Reliant undergoing tests.

Austin (now Rover) Mini electric conversion for
exhibition at NEC, Birmingham, May 1995; licensing
agreement with Atlantis Motor Co.

Drive pack developed for light electric vehicles using
Reliant components.

ASMO-Lynch electric Karts tested by BBC Top Gear - performance exceeds that of petrol karts.

Bajaj (India) auto-rickshaw converted to Lynch electric drive in UK. Entered in Citelec '12 Hours of Oxford'

Reed Lighter in public service in Norfolk Broads, UK.

Solar Splash, Milwaukee. Columbia University first in tandem class with Lynch motor.

Devon Electric Vehicles Motors
1996 - Achievements

Electric Trabant conversion for island of Orkney, Scotland.

Licensing agreement and motor supply contract signed with Reliant Motor Co.

24 hr World Endurance Record for electric go-kart with Lynch motor.


Electric Vehicle Motors Devon
1997 - Achievements

Malcolm Moss in Callinda makes first solar-powered
crossing of English Channel.

Sachs-Lynch outboard developed, UK-Germany.

Lynch motor production moved to Denis Ferranti Group, Bangor, Wales, UK.


Hybrid Boats Devon
1998 - Achievements

Electric-powered glider on trial, Germany.

Hybrid electric narrow-boat installation, UK.

Production Reliant Robin on test with Lynch motor,
clutch and gearbox, UK.

Lynch motors at Expo 98, Lisbon and Disneyland,

Pedicab Trials with Islington supermarket, UK.

Electric Planes

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