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The Lynch Disc- Armature DC Motor
Electric Motors for Boats
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The Lynch Disc-Armature DC Motor is an energy efficient electric drive ideal for a range of applications including the transport industry.
The Lynch motor is unmatched by conventional small traction motors in power-to-weight ratio and efficiency. Combining the advantages of the "pancake" motor with those of the traditional traction motor with laminated iron core, its design is unique on the world market.

Lynch motors are produced under ISO 9001 quality. They give continuous power outputs from 1 to 21KW on 12 to 120volts.

Weighing from 8.5 to 22kg, Lynch motors are light enough to be used on scooters and sufficiently powerful to drive small cars and vans. They are ideal for battery traction applications where energy-efficient across the full speed range is of first importance.

High power to weight ratio due to high efficiency, compact disc shape and integral commutator.

Advantages of The Lynch Motor
Electric Boat Motors High efficiency
Due to use of thick conductors of low resistance and close coupling with magnetic field the Lynch Motor is highly efficient.
Electric Motors For Boats High power at low speed
High power and torque at low speed resulting from high magnetic flux acting on both sides of the armature.
Electric Boat Motor Highly reliable, rugged construction
There are no commutator connections to break down. Cross-connections are made at the armature periphery where cooling is at its maximum. Commutation is excellent and brush life is many thousands of hours.
Electric Boat Motors Constant speed 'shunt' characteristic
The Lynch Motor will not over-speed on no load.
Electric Motors For Boats Simple electronic control
With speed proportional to voltage, the maximum speed is self.-regulating and regenerative breaking possible
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Boat Motor
Electric Boat Motors
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