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Electric Boat Motors Devon
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Electric Yacht Motors
Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Motors for Boats Robotic
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Electric Boat Motors
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"We are widely regarded as an
innovator and leader
                     of electric motors"
Electric Boat Motors
"The Lynch Motor powered a
100% sustainable ship
for 84 days without assistance"
Electric Boat Motors
"Our drive system powered the
Queen's Royal Barge
for her Diamond Jubilee 2012"
Electric Boat Motors
"Quieter and more economical
Electric powered boats
converted from petrol"
Electric Boat Motors
The Lynch Motor
for Marine
When considering an electric motor for your boat,
one of the most important factors is the day to day operating costs such as fuel. The Lynch Motor provides an excellent solution to running your marine motor as it provides a low running cost, requires very little maintenance and is almost silent.
Electric Boat Motors Chargeable under the sail
Electric Motors for Boats Simple installation
Electric Motors for Boats No fumes, smells or pollution
Marine Drive Prodcuts PDF's
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Motors for Boats Designed in the UK, used on a global scale
Electric Boat Motors
Batteries Can Be Used as Ballast
Batteries can be charged by solar and mains hook up or as regenerative charge via sail drive which means you can be completely green using no man made energy.
Electric Motors for Robotics
Free From Pollution
The Lynch Motor doesn't pollute the water
like regular petrol boat motors, instead it uses electric to power your boat and emits no harmful fumes, smells or pollution.
Electric Motors for Boats
Almost Completely Silent
Is a noisy engine interfering with your
boating experience? The Lynch Motor is almost completely silent, offering a
blissfully quiet and relaxing experience.
Application Examples
Electric Boat Motors
At Lynch Motors we've collaborated with a number of companies and individuals within the marine industry...
Here at Lynch Motors, we have collaborated with a variety of companies and individuals within the marine industry, providing a multitude of valuable solutions to power vessels electrically.

Our electric motor is ideally suited to narrow boats, canal barges, house and hire boats, sailing boats, racing yachts and more.

Companies we have collaborated with include: Windermere Lake Cruises, Avon Boating, Stony Brook University and Covey Island Boatworks to name just a few.

Electric Boat Motors
Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Motors for Boats
Electric Motors for Boats
Marine Projects
Electric Motors for Boats
Lynch Motors Converts Windermere Lake Cruise Ships
Lynch converted petrol driven boats to electric using the LMC motor system.
Electric Boat Motors
Elektra Sailing Yacht Conversion
Commissioned by John Rushworth to convert an Elektra Sailing Yacht.
Electric Motors for Boats
45ft Passenger vessel electric conversion
Requested by Avon Boating to convert their 45ft passenger vessels.


Electric Boat Motors
LMC working alongside Stony Brook University
Currently working with the SBU Solar Racing Team to create an efficient motor.
Electric Motors for Boats
LMC in partnership with Covey Island Boatworks
Helping to repower older boats with electric and/or hybrid systems.
Electric Motor for Boats
Steve Whenman and his Catamaran powered by Lynch
12mtr, 8.5 Tonne Catamaran powered by two Lynch 48V motors.
Electric Boat Motors
The worlds first 100% Self Sustainable IMOCA
The worlds first 100% sustainable, self sufficient IMOCA.
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Queens Jubilee Gloriana powered by LMC
We were commissioned to develop and install two 48V Pancake motors.
Electric Power For Boats
The innovative hydrogen powered 'Hydrogenesis' ferry
Commissioned by Bristol City Council, we developed a hydrogen powered motor.
Electric Boatg Motor Conversion
New boats powered by our Yellowtail
The first 6 new boats powered by our Yellowtail on Ambleside.
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