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LMC Marlin Single Drive System
Suitable for a range of vessel types from Pleasure craft, Canal boat, Narrow boat and Barges
Key Facts

5Kw / 8Kw / 13Kw output power models available

48v input (Marlin 5 & 8) & 72v input (Marlin 13)

Brushed Electric Motors
Brushed Electric Motors

Consistent Reliability

A Lynch electric motor starts every time, just turn the key, adjust the throttle and go. Giving you the security and comfort knowing you have a reliable engine while on the water.

Power Distribution

No need for pre-heating, the power is immediately available. With a Lynch motor the power kicks in straight away, making harbour manoeuvrability easier and more accurate.

Environment and Comfort

Quiet and Clean. The Lynch motor runs extremely quietly giving you a more peaceful experience and is free from exhaust fumes providing you with a clean engine room, overall making the on-board environment more pleasant and relaxing. The Lynch electric system has no impact on the water environment either making it an excellent choice for emission restricted waterways.

Light Weight

The weight of the Lynch electric system is very low compared to traditional engines and batteries can be distributed for better weight optimization, making the steering more controllable.

Low Maintenance Costs

The only parts that require visual maintenance checks are the brushes and drive belts. The brushes have a life time of up-to 7000 hours if maintained and the gear belt 3000 hours, both parts are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Easy Installation

The Lynch marine drive is designed to be easy to install with the controller, throttle and display connected by a ‘plug and go’ system. In addition due to the motor and gearing consoles low weight, the system is easy to align without the need for heavy lifting equipment and can be installed in 1 day providing mounting preparation has been completed.

Technical Specifications Marlin 5 Single Marlin 8 Single Marlin 13 Single
Motor Type LEM 200-D135 x 2 LEM 200-D135 x 2 LEM 200-D135 x 2
Voltage 48 V DC 48 V DC 72 V DC
Current 140 Amp 180 Amp 200 Amp
Power Output 5 KW 8 KW 13 KW
Average Efficiency 90% 90% 90%
Battery Recharge Function Yes Yes Yes
Rated Speed Engine 2160 RPM 2160 RPM 3240 RPM
Rated Torque 18 Nm 36 Nm 36 Nm
Speed Constant 45 RPM/V 45 RPM/V 45 RPM/V
Peak Current 350 Amp 350 Amp 400 Amp
Peak Power 14 KW 14 KW 14 KW
Peak Torque 38 Nm 44 Nm 72 Nm
Reduction Gearing Standard 22:48 22:48 22:56
Reduction Gearing Options 22:56 & 22:72 22:56 & 22:72 22:72 & 22:90
Standard RPM Propeller Shaft 1020 RPM 1020 RPM 1270 RPM
Optional RPM Propeller Shaft 848 RPM 848 RPM 990 RPM
Optional RPM Propeller Shaft 660 RPM 660 RPM 790 RPM
Weight of Motor and Console 21 kg 21 kg 21 kg
Weight of Motor Control Box 12 kg - medium box 12 kg - medium box 12 kg - large box
Controller Box Sizes A B C
Small - Yellowtail 362.45 362 156.53
Medium - Marlin 5 & 8 362.45 410 156.53
Large - Marlin 13 / Swordfish 16 & 26 362.45 505 156.53
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