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The Lynch Motor
for Robotics'
The Lynch Motor's pancake design is significantly smaller and lighter than other conventional electric motors with the same power capacity on the market. Providing a small and efficient solution to powering your robotic equipment.
Electric Robotic Motors One of the world's most efficient motors
Robotic Motors Small, powerful and reliable
Robotics Motor
Electric Robotic Motors Designed in the UK, used on a global scale
Electric Robotic Motor
Over 30 Years Research
The Lynch Motor benefits from over 30
years' of research and development, offering
a high quality, efficient product.
Electric Motors for Robotics
State of the Art Military Technology
With the Lynch Motor, you’ll benefit from military grade excellence by using a product built for and used by the Military.
Electric Robotic Motor
Incredible Commercial Capabilities
Ideal for a variety of applications
from unmanned security and heavy lifting
through to military and drones.
Application Examples
Electric Motors for Robotics
Supplying 'Solving', the
market leaders for designing
handling systems, with a small,
efficient and reliable motor
Established more than 35 years ago, Solving have specialised in the design and manufacture of heavy load handling systems.

The Lynch Motor offers a more efficient power source which loses less energy and uses less space than alternatives. The benefits are the increased running time and reliability of power for the un-manned machinery.

Electric Motors for Robotics
Bomb Disposal
Electric Robotic Motor
Electric Robotic Motor
Heavy Lifting
Robotic Electric Motors
Robotic Projects
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Solving - Efficient factory motors
As a world leader in the Automated Handling of Heavy Loads,
Electric Robotic Motor
Lynch Motors power AVT Europe's Robotics
Over the past five years, Lynch Motors have collaborated with AVT Europe
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