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Electric Boat Motors Devon
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Electric Boat Motors
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Technical Reports
Lynch Electric Boat Motors, Accessories and technology
We have a wide selection of technical reports for boats, motors and vehicles, please click on the tiles below to exmplore our range of technical reports.
Electric Motor Suppliers
LM200 Installation Drawing
The LM200 is a multi-pole, permanent-magnet. low speed, high efficiency design.
The LM200 Installation Design
Electric Motor Manufacturers
Lynch Motors Drive Shafts
The flanged shaft is supplied for mounting pulleys of spockets.
Lynch Flanged Drive Shafts
Electric Motor Designers
Disc Armature DC Motors
We carried out a Technical Assessment to compare Brushed and Brushless Motors.
Brushed and Brushless Motors


Electric Motors Designers
Ford Fiesta FAQ's
We answer all FAQ's regarding the Lynch Ford Fiesta.
Frequently Asked Questions
Electric Motor Production
Electric Vehicle Drives
There are two principals to consider when designing electric vehicle drives.
Design of Electric Vehicle Drives
Custom Electric Motors
Batteries for Electric Motors
We have provided you with all the stats regarding the batteries we use.
Batteries- Performance and Prices


Electric Motor Manufacturers
Tests on Lynch Reliant Robin
We tested the power consumption of Reliant Robin Transmission.
Tests on Reliant Robin Transmission
Electric Boat Motor Installation
12 Electric Hours of Oxford
In September 1995, Oxford was the electric vehicle capital of the world.
The 12 Electric Hours of Oxford
Electric Marine Motors
EV Conversion Checklist
We have considered the principal user factores for EV Conversion.
Electric Vehicle Conversion


Vehicle Motors Electric
Battery Vehicle Controllers
Lynch Motors have continuous ratings of 200A or less.
Wishlist for Battery Controllers
Electric Vehicle Motors
Lynch Vehicle Development
During the 1990's we developed upon our electric 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles.
Electric 2 and 3 Wheel Vehicles
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Electric Vehicles UK
We have identified the problems and solutions of Electric Vehicles in the UK.
Electric Vehicles in the UK


Electric Boat Motor Installation
Vehicles for City Centres
The development of electric vehicles for pedestrian areas.
Retailing in City Centres
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Electric Motorcycle Checklist
We have compiled a checklist for electric Motorcycles, Scooters and Cycle-Cars.
Lynch Motorcycle Checklist
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Golf Cart Transaxle
We anchored a Lynch Motor 'floating' on shaft against rotation.
EZ-GO Golf Car Transaxle


Electric Boat Motor Installation
Electric Drives for Boats
It is important to achieve the highest efficiency when converting electric power.
Design of Electric Drives for Boats
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Mounting Plate for Motor
We have included the design for the Mounting Plate we have used.
Bounty Electric Boat Drive
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Alignment Jig for Drive
We have included the design for the Alignment Jig we have used.
Lynch Electric Drive Bounty Boats


Electric Motors Producers
Diesel-Electric Drives
Lynch Motors have specialised in developing energy-efficient electric drives.
Diesel Electric Drives for Boats
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Hampton Bow Thruster
The Hampton Bow Thruster has a high thrust to power ratio.
Bow Thrusters
Electric Motor Designers
The NRA goes Electric
The National Rivers Authority have seen their vision come to fruition this year.
The NRA goes Electric


Electric Boat Motor Installation
French Dayboat Installation
We installed a Lynch Electric Motor into a French Dayboat.
French Dayboat Design
Electric Motor Designers
Narrow Boat Installation
We installed a Lynch Electric Motor into Narrow Boat.
Narrow Boat Design
Electric Boat Motors
Lynch Marine Drives
We have included all the key statistics for our marine drives.
Lynch Motor Marine Drives


Electric Boat Motor Installation
Electric Cars
We have included the key points from the Power Station Chimney Debate.
The Power Stations Chimney Debate
Custom Electric Motors
Low Emission Vehicles
This report summarises the options available for addressing pollution.
Zero and low emission vehicles
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Race Winning Motor
The Lynch Disc Armature found great success in powering racing vehicles.
Multi Purpose, Race Winning Motor


Electric Boat Motor Installation
Solar Powered Boat
The S.B Collinda was the first boat to cross the English Channel.
Solar Powered Boat in record books
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Fuel for Thought
Battery powered propulsion afloat has more positives than negatives.
An Electric Experience
Electric Boat Motor Installation
Bottom of the Garden
It is nice to be able to moor one's boat at the bottom of the garden.
Boat at the Bottom of the Garden

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