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Lynch motor flanged drive shafts

Electric Boat Motors

The flanged shaft is supplied for mounting pulleys of spockets. For this purpose it is the preferred alternative to a standard 19mm ISO spindle with keyway which is also available, but which may have problems of keyway fretting with reversing drives.

This shaft has an accurate 15mm pin at the centre which positions any attachment, such as a pulley, provided it has a 15mm pilot hole. The drive is then taken through the 4-off 6mm high tensile machine screws on 28mm PCD. These 4 holes can be drilled oversize - say 1/4" - as they do not have any locating function and do not have to be positioned accurately, providing the pullry is supplied with an accurate 15mm pilot hole.

If it is required to drive through a coupling rather than a pulley or sprocket, the simplest way is to use a flanged coupling and make an adaptor plate which would have a pilot hole of 15mm at its centre and a spigot machined at the same time to keep the two concentric. This spigot would centre the flanged coupling. The adaptor plate would have 4-off 1/4" holes on a 28mm PCD to provide the drive.

WARNING: Do not over tighten chain or belt when used, as this will cause rapid wear to the belt or chain AND to the motor's bearing, which can have its life reduced by three or four times. Always follow suppliers' instructions.

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