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Development of Lynch Electric 2- and 3-Wheel Vehicles


During the 1990's we built many different types of lightweight 2-wheelers, culminating in the long-distance, lightweight enclosed machine which recorded a range of 205 km (London to Birmingham) on a single charge in 1992. The latest version was the racing motor-cycle first entered in the Electric Grand Prix at Mallory Park in August 1995. This machine was fitted with the new LM170 motor weighing 5.5 Kg giving 6 Kw continuously on 36 Volts. Weighing under 80 Kg and fitted with 3 Gates-type batteries, its performance was startling. In the same event electric karts with Lynch motors took the first four places and have held the World Championship in succeeding years.

The first standard motorcycle to be converted was a Jawa mofa from Germany. This was put on test in London traffic for two years and performed very satisfactorily.

This was followed by a Honda City Express converted for Pizza Hut company for trials as an urban delivery moped. This was fitted with Gates-type batteries for rapid charging from a buffer battery. This form of charging was employed on two vehicles in the '12 Hours of Oxford', September 1995, where 8 of the entrants used Lynch motors taking first and second places in 2- and 3-wheel classes. First overall was the Schiller E-Range with Lynch motor. These trials were sponsored by PowerGen Plc with whom we worked on aspects of electricity distribution for charging of electric vehicles.

The first 3-wheel vehicle was a Reliant Robin, converted with single LM200 motor (11Kg) driving directly onto the gearbox with a back-axle ratio giving a top speed of about 90kph. From 1996 this vehicle has been put on trial as `works transport' at our factory in Honiton, Devon, carrying heavy loads or four passengers in very hilly country with gradients of 1:5. We now have a contract with the Reliant Motor Co to bring the electric Robin into production.

In 1995 and 1996 an Italian scooter fitted with Lynch motor came first in its class in the American Tour de Sol rally. As a result we are now working with a manufacturer to produce a lightweight, high-performance electric motorcycle.

We have recently converted an autorickshaw for the Bajaj company of India, one of the world's largest manufacturers of 2- & 3-wheelers, producing over 1.5 million a year. Test performance is very satisfactory and we are engaged in licensing discussions for this product.

Finally, we are now working on lightweight 'cycle-cars', such as the Pedicab used in urban areas for taking shoppers home from supermarkets with their groceries. These vehicles can weigh up to 400kg when loaded and require electric assistance on gradients.

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