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Listing below does not imply that all these factors are relevant in every case. It is necessary to record that all these factors have been considered in drawing up the Specification.

Application Car, commercial or both
Geog. Areas UK, Europe, USA, other
Markets Private car; Commercial; Local Authority; Other
Drive RH, LH, or both
Environment Central urban, urban freeway (Hopefully not motorway unless aerodynamics are improved)
Performance Max speed, max gradient, max load
Weight Vehicle ULW; GVW; front & rear aaxles (distribution)
Range Up to 50 miles depending on performance required
Comfort Heating and demisting; air conditioning
Driver Control Ease of gear change if manual
Breaking To confirm: servo assistance, regen or engine breaking
Ride Modifications to suspension for increased weight due to batteries
Speed Control Smooth pickup, zero acceleration ramp. Torque (current) control for general driving; voltage control for ramps, kerbs & parking.
Instruments State of charge plus Amps? Volts?
Tyres/ Wheels Wheel size (probably 12" or 13"); low rolling resistance tyres
Lubricants Gearbox and back-axle oils; bearing greases
Safety Impact resistance; effect of battery momentum; battery fluid; reverse warning buzzer
Climate Effect on batteries; range Summer/Winter
Appearance To accentuate 'green' image
Maintenance Motor and batteries easily accessible and removable
Benchmarking Standards or performance
Options Cheap or high-quality batteries. Other?
Homologation Impact resistance? Battery safety? Heating system? Tyres? Other
Price For market segments envisaged
Running Costs Fuel; manitencance; battery depreciation; other?


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