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The Lynch Motor
for Vehicles
Converting your vehicle to electric can be
a very efficient, eco-friendly move. By switching
to an electric motor, you'll not only save on the
growing cost of fuel, but your electric vehicle will
be powered by a 'clean energy source' meaning your
vehicle will not be producing emissions.
The Lynch Motor provides an excellent low maintenance, zero emissions and reduced noise pollution solution to powering your vehicle.
Electric Vehicle Motors Zero emissions - clean energy source
Electric Vehicle Motors Cost effective - save on fuel bills
Electric Motors for Vehicles Reduced noise pollution - almost silent
Electric Boat Motors
Electric Motors for Vehicles Designed in the UK, used on a global scale
Electric Motors for Vehicles
Cheaper to Operate
Electric vehicles can easily be charged
using a domestic plug, the same you'd use
to boil a kettle or watch TV and what's
more, it is seriously cheap to 'fuel up'.
Electric Vehicle Motors
Low Carbon Emissions
Dependent upon which type of electricity powers your electric vehicle.
Electric Motors for Vehicles
Quiet and Quick
With just one ride, when compared
with other fuel powered vehicles, you
will notice just how quiet and smooth
an electric vehicle is.
Application Examples
Electric Vehicle Motors
Lynch Motors powered the Top Gear's G-Wiz which won a drag race against a Ford Mustang, reaching speeds of over 95mph.
In this example, we were contacted by the BBC to design and manufacture an electric drive system for the Indian G-Wiz, capable of beating a Ford Mustang in a drag race.

As part of the BBC's requirements, the G-Wiz needed to have enough power to accelerate from 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds and travel 1/4 of a mile in under 13 seconds giving it the capability to beat a Ford Mustang.

As a feature for the Top Gear 2007 Christmas Special, we 'pimped out' the much ridiculed Indian electric car, the G-Wiz. Normally capable of a measly 40mph, we fitted the Lynch Motor and achieved speeds of over 95mph!

Electric Vehicle Motors
Electric Vehicle Motors
Electric Motors for Vehicles
Quad Bikes
Electric Motors for Vehicles
Go Karts
Vehicle Projects
Electric Motors for Quad Bikes
Powering quad-bikes with electric
Lynch Motors helped reduce fossil fuel consumption by converting to electric
Electric Motors for Vehicles
100% clean Volta Electric Motorbikes powered by LMC
The Volta Electric Motorbikes are powered by LMC's revolutionary motor.
Electric Go Kart Motors
ZeroK K lighter and faster than ever
Electric kart powered by LMC's lightweight brushed dc motor.


Electric Kart Motors
Sodikart- 100% Electric kart experience
The pioneering electric kart, powered by LMC's 65V Pancake motor.
Electric Vehicle Motor
The Top Gear G-WIz electric drive system
Top Gear requested we produce a 'pimped' motor for the Indian electric G-Wiz car.
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