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Electric Boat Motors Devon
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Electric Motors for Boats
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Electric Boat Motors
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Lynch Motor's Projects
Just a few pioneering projects we are involved in
Working with prestigious companies and individuals throughout the UK and beyond, here are
just a few projects we have most recently been involved with.
Vehicle Projects
Electric Motors for Quad Bikes
Powering quad-bikes with electric
Lynch Motors helped reduce fossil fuel consumption by converting to electric
Electric Motors for Vehicles
100% clean Volta Electric Motorbikes powered by LMC
The Volta Electric Motorbikes are powered by LMC's revolutionary motor.
Electric Go Kart Motors
ZeroK K lighter and faster than ever
Electric kart powered by LMC's lightweight brushed dc motor.


Electric Kart Motors
Sodikart- 100% Electric kart experience
The pioneering electric kart, powered by LMC's 65V Pancake motor.
Electric Vehicle Motor
The Top Gear G-Wiz electric drive system
Top Gear requested we produce a 'pimped' motor for the Indian electric G-Wiz car.
Electric Vehicle Motor
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Classic Car
We were requested to help try and make a motor that increases smiles per miles.
Traction Projects
Electric Traction Motors
Railway track maintenance grinder converts to electric
An innovative and successful electric railway track maintenance grinder
Electric Traction Motors
Paignton Zoo's iconic train is converted to electric
Paignton Zoo collaborated with Lynch Motors to convert their petrol train
Robotics Projects     Hybrid Projects
Electric Robotic Motor
Lynch Motors power AVT Europe's Robotics
Over the past five years, Lynch Motors have collaborated with AVT Europe
Electric Kart Motors
Solving - Efficient factory motors
As a world leader in the Automated Handling of Heavy Loads,
Electric Hybrid Motors
Steve Whenman and his Catamaran powered by Lynch
12mtr, 8.5 Tonne Catamaran powered by two Lynch 48V motors.
Movie Special Effects Projects Industrial
Electric Motors
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Oompa Loompa Boat
Lynch has created iconic movie moments in some of the movie special effects.
Electric Motors
Batman Tumbler from Batman Begins
Batman's Tumbler from Batman Begins, the electric motor was used for stealth
Electric Motors
Coolair Logan - Locomotive HVAC
Helping the drivers cope with the extreme temperature changes.
Click here to view our historic electric motor projects
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